Monday, 14 December 2009

UPDATE: #BlogWars

TB is very very excited about the prospect of

close encounter urban conflict
against CCHQ, LabourList and other mystery guests tonight.
Shane thinks
there can be some bear baiting but be warned:
He's a pro.

UPDATE: 13.25 Time for some lunchtime target practice. Got to zero those sights:
TB isn't the only one taking aim:
Which mystery CCHQ staffer is semi-pro too?

UPDATE 14.45: Mrs Shane Greer is apparently a force to be reckoned with:
"Don't mess with Texas" indeed.

's Alex Smith has previous:

TB is tempted to open up a book on tonight. Any punters?


Anonymous said...

Think of the sparrows, oh god, think of the sparrows!!!

Anonymous said...

TB. I know it says not to refer to your identity, but uhhh. Physcal-wise, we know what the bloomin heck you look like from your Guido News casts [Nice suit by the way]so why the self censorship?

Tory Bear

its 84% a joke.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, well that's alright then.

Anonymous said...

I assume those are VERY old photos of people with handguns or taken abroad?


Not sure you will be allowed to use the rimmie, but you can but hope. It should give you the edge with range though.

Anonymous said...



A fiver on Mr. Bear being taken out in the first ten minutes...

Anonymous said...

My money is on the woman from Texas!

Anonymous said...

>it's 84% a joke.<

The rest being stupidity!


Conservative Mama

My bet is with the gal from Texas. In Texas shooting a gun comes seccnd nature to us, just like drinking tea is to yall!

TB your right : Dont mess with Texas!!!

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