Friday, 18 December 2009


As you may have noticed yesterday, TB put a new widget on the right hand side column of the site. It allows you to donate to Adeela Shafi in Bristol East and track her progress through
. TB bunged her £20 yesterday and strongly encourages you all to do the same. The campaign is gaining
traction across the blogs

Kerry McCarthy,
expenses fiddler
and general embarrassment, not only to the Labour Party but to all MPs, especially those on her own side who cringe at her omnishamble existence, needs to go.

Cue kicking, screaming, toys out of prams and no doubt she will call us all sexists or maybe even racists again. Either way TB will keeping the
campaign going.

There will be a surprise escalation in the new year - keep an eye out for details of how you can ge
t involved.


Old Holborn

Do you mind? I am the official Kerry McCarthy hater. There may be copyright issues.


'May have', dear boy, 'may have' - not 'may of'. Tsk. Did your public school teach you nothing? St Cakes, was it? Set the proles an example, dear chap, do.

no longer anonymous

Well you've ruined the surprise! Good luck though.


TB - this is an entirely admirable endeavour in every way. If I have to be derided as sexist and racist for supporting Adeela Shafi's campaign so be it. Indeed, I will derive a perverse pleasure from such derision as I fight to smash Kerry's favourite privileged unelected elites who form a parasite on the backs of the workers and soldiers.

Old Holborn - Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-Quds.

Prodicus - Macroeconomic inquiry is an invaluable tool in the teaching of competitive sport and vice versa; this holds true in both the state and private education sectors.

Cat Enaccio

Top marks TB, top marks.

Northampton Saint said...

so Kerry will level the usual Sexist and Racist allegations (probably), even though the Tory candidate is an Asian woman. Well they're her straws, thet her grasp them as hard as she likes

Old Holborn

I have also joined the

campaign to oust Kerry


Have you guys all just copy and pasted Iain Dale's post and changed a couple of words around?

Again, there isn't a single reason why she's somehow worse than the hundreds of other non-Tory MPs you presumably also want to lose in your post...

Joe said...

Alasdair - I believe the campaign has been started as Kerry has blocked TB, ID et al from her Twitter, and they've gotten rather upset about it.

That seems to be the only actual reason I can find, at least.

Tory Bear

fuck off trolls.

Read her twitter feed for twenty mins you will soon see what a cretin she is.

and i object to being smeared as having associations with the BNP.

so a little direct action never hurt anyone.

Old Holborn


She is a hairy lipped psychovegan. That alone is reason enough for her to be thrown into a volcano. If you want to help me throw the rest in as well, roll up your sleeves and let's get busy.

David T Breaker

I don't think giving particular focus to one MP is a good idea, as the hugely unsuccessful Lib Dem "decapitation" strategy in 2005 showed us. As I wrote on my blog it runs the risk that KerryMP gets public sympathy, portraying herself as a victim of a "nasty", "male dominated", online Tory "hate" campaign?

At the very least we might be mis-allocating resources which could be more effective elsewhere. It's seats that matter, not where.

Who knows, but we should be careful.

Northampton Saint said...

Disagree Dave.

Kerry's up against aN Asian, Muslim woman, she ticks all of NuLabs boxes...they cant attack her except on policy

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