Friday, 18 December 2009

We're Closing In #KerryOut

The left seem to have been caught somewhat off guard by #kerryout. They started with scorn but they shut up and have come back in scream mode now they are seeing the money pouring in. In just a matter of hours well over £300 quid has been raised. The fun and games are only just beginning comrades. Keep and eye on
Launching on the 4th Jan.

In the mean time keep


Anonymous said...

Pls tell me thas not who i thnk it is!?!?


It's been stuck at three hundred quid for a couple of hours now, it's not going up particularly quick is it?

Anyway, good luck with your poster girl

Old Holborn

Hey, I'm no Tory but even I want a chance to look up her skirt on PMQ's.

It's either her or Jo Brand.



Nearly a grand now, muppet.

Joe said...

If you insist on wading head-long into Bristol politics, please lets get the facts right. The ward next to Hengrove and Knowle is Filwood, not Elwood.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs

Elwood has much more of a, well, "bluesy" feel to it, doesn't it brothers?

Anyway, if you want to infiltrate the liebour cabal, send a load of taekwondo killer monkeys in there. But don't send

these fellas
in though.

the sneak said...

The website features a link to Adeela Shafi's fundraising page.

Not very independent, is it?

Maybe a more upstanding citizen than me might want to check with the Electoral Commission to see if this site should carry the usual imprint on it, as to who is printing/hosting it and more importantly, who is promoting it?

Billy Blofeld

I have donated........ I won't be voting Tory - but I am a member of the "Anyone But Labour Party"

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