Saturday, 19 December 2009

Quote(s) of the Day - SNP in Trouble

“I have already looked into the matter as far as my group is concerned and I am satisfied that no SNP councillor has been involved.”

-SNP Council Leader for Dumfries Rob Davidson expressing his “shock and dismay” at the Universality of Cheese blog on 1st December.

“Yes. Clearly that has not been accurate.”

-SNP Council Leader for Dumfries Rob Davidson acknowledging he lied over his involvement in the blog on 18th December.

For the record and your amusmant, check out just how far he was
through his emails sent on 21st November:
“I wonder if you might like to draw attention on your blog to the fact that Scottish Labour’s general secretary (Councillor Colin Smyth) was expelled from full council for offensive conduct and refusing to respect the chair. It might also be a good one for ‘black ops’ to note the fact that no women present voted any other way than to exclude him. This one needs you to work your magic – I can’t go that far myself.”
No doubt Kevin Pringle will be drafting
resignation in the morning.




Hear about Arnie snubbing Salmond in Copenhagen? Quality! Can't stand him!


I would expect the resignation to be announced in either the Sunday Herald or the Scotsman on Sunday. Given the local rag ran with the story on Friday, there has been very little coverage of it so far. Just goes to show that it's still very much a storm in a tea-cup used to fill space in the Sundays.

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