Wednesday, 27 January 2010


There have been more exciting PMQs, but was nice to see Hague give Harman a good doing over in their battle today. Banking was on the agenda and Harman was way out of her depth, good idea from the Tories to spring this on her. Wearing a dressing gown she fell into the trap set for her when she suggested that Gordon's tobin tax proposals were a sign of Labour having ideas about saving the world again. Hague gently reminded her that these proposals had been slammed just yesterday by the Bank of England. Hague's concluding list of what Gordon Brown has been wrong, wrong, wrong on, clearly rattled Harriet who spent the rest of the session trying to whack the Tories with irrelevent pot shots. The Tory backbenchers were very rowdy, like school kids with a replacement teacher. A shaking Cable, as ever, failed to impress. With a bit of luck that will be the last time we ever have to sit through Harman standing in, but knowing Gordon he will probably find more excuses to miss the last few duels.

Harman was poorly briefed and the one joke written for her about her reversing was poorly delivered and flopped. The day was Hague's.

Hague 7, Harman 5, Cable 3



Your score of 5 is way overgenerous. It is a measure of just what contempt this Government holds the House in (and by extension the people), that their official mouthpiece was so woefully underprepared, ignorant and cavalier.

The Harman motto? Leave no question answered.

A disgrace.


David Jones MP-10


That was supposed to be 10 not -10. Obviously :)

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