Thursday, 14 January 2010

Say Cheese!


Tory Totty Online

Fantastic TB! ;-)

Any Colour but Brown said...

That image at the start of the vid looks like Brown is about to rip off his face.

Old Holborn

O/T (apologies TB)

Paliamentary Committee needs public views on

* Illegal File Sharing
* DNA and Fingerprinting
* Stop and Search
* Forced Sex Education for Children
* Asylum Support

By Monday 18th. Your chance to say what you feel. They hid it, I found it


The Standard today reported that Labour are going to use Ken Livingstone to fight the election for the capital and they have set up a special unit to "Get Boris!"

The plan is to put Boris under microscopic scrutiny, hoping to find ammo to destabilise Cameron.

Ken, you've been there once, baby, don't go there again. You can't win! This time, it will hurt much much more than it did the first time, you are on a kamikaze route to disaster, save yourself now!

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