Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tweetminster's Embarrassing Climbdown

Red faces all round for

who have just updated their figures after Tory Bear yesterday highlighted the blatant inaccuracy in their data. The new figures are Labour 61,039 - down a shocking 45.8% on the original figures floated and the Conservative figure is 27,063 - down 31%. As TB said yesterday, there was a clear swelling of the Labour figure. Something Tweetminster were originally prepared to turn a blind eye to. No wonder the
intenational press
refer to them as "the Labor Tweetminster"

Alberto Nardelli, Tweetminster CEO, is making great efforts to distance Tweetminster from public affairs unit PoliticsDirect. Quite hard when their MD gave them £100k. John Arnold should ask for his money back.

UPDATE 15.11: Tweetminster are refusing to reveal the methodology which mean that Labour figures were 51,810 out. They are claiming that their model would be jeopardised if they revealed the info. However they are in danger of blowing any semblance of a decent reputation if they don't at least try explain how and why they got it so badly wrong.


James Goldstone

Is this news?

Events dear boy, events

Good work and well done.

CityBoy said...

Bit of an error on their part to direct us to Tweetminster Limited's Companies House record.

John Arnold is a director, so clearly, no connection there.

Frugal Dougal

Hear hear - well done!

Tweetminster didn't get their algorithm from the IPCC, did they?


Plus, their survey is poorly written - see my comment in response to the invitation if you're interested ( , which you linked to).


If they keep bowling underarm it would be very poor form if you didn't keep slogging for the boundary.

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