Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Purcell Intrigue

TB's nose started to twitch as soon as he heard the news breaking last night that up-and-coming Scottish Labour star Steven Purcell was quitting.  After an apparent breakdown he has walked away from his role in charge of Glasgow Council. But there's more to the story than that...

He narrowly missed out being an MP in last years Glasgow by-election and many wondered why he wasn't selected as the Labour candidate. If Purcell really did want to get away from politics for a while why then has he retained PR man Jack Irvine from the 
Media House
 PR firm?

Mr Irving is a crisis manager, but TB hears perhaps Mr Purcell better find a relationship councillor too.

UPDATE: Seems Purcell needs more than just relationship help. Developing...


Chris Paul

Bit drively and sloppy this TB. Whatever the merits of the underlying story - for now this is just smears - you need more attention to detail.

111 not 101. Didn't narrowly miss being an MP. He widely missed being a PPC. Pointblank. And is it Irvine or Irving to whom you refer?

At least one of them will be pissed with you TB.

Chris Paul

actually should be 211 not 111, doh

Sandy Jamieosn said...

Well spotted TB- this story could be a runner
First of all Steven Purcell's lawyers have written to Glasgow Corporation and the Corpy has agreed not to comment.
Secondly Purcell has hired Media House to act for him (Scotland's Max Clifford)
Thirdly, comments on BBC Scotland Political Reporter Brian Taylor's blog have either been referred for moderation or have been described as breaking the house rules-BBC Scotland in its usual role as cheerleader for the Scottish Labour Party is trying to put this story to bed.

Stephen Purcell came from a different mould that his predecessors and was promoted as an icon of the new style of Labour municipal leaders so what happened? Now I can understand Purcell, devout Celtic supporter though he is,being depressed by Sunday's result at Ibrox but I reckon it could be to do with the Commonwealth Games (and he deserves the credit for bringing that to the City), the Strathclyde Transport Partnership or that by seeking to bring Glasgow Corporation Labour Group into the 21st century, he has crossed the old guard who extracted their revenge swiftly this weekend. Remember Labour politics in West Central Scotland is brutal and nasty

By his own admission it will not be a case of "find the lady" but I reckon this is a big one that will harm the Labour Party in Scotland and possibly the UK as a whole.

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