Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sniffing Around the Purcell Story

Further to the post below, TB understands that former Scottish Labour rising star Steven Purcell was as happy as larry on Friday morning yet mysteriously cleared his diary by the afternoon and went into crisis meetings before bringing out the "stress" press release and resigning last night. Could this be a little white lie?

What could have made him react so suddenly? What story did someone discover and put to him?

Sniff sniff.


Anonymous said...
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Well, I'm sure somebody nose

Disco Biscuit said...
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Anonymous said...

Snooping around for gossip on the Purcell resignation, I found an article on pinknews.co.uk with this in the comments section. Seems the Glagow Gay community has a scoop on a Labours Elite.

Now I am not one to gossip but I like to cut and paste other peoples comments.

"A sad loss For the city of Glasgow, though not surprising as he was under a lot of pressure at the chambers, pressure put on him from his fellow labour councillors some who in recent weeks came under tight scrutiny and stepped down.
A few more shocks will be evitable over the coming months, as know of one that will blow the socks off labours elite, so watch this space
Steven Purcell was a gentleman as have met him on a number of occassions, a true gentleman who will be hard to replace at the top.
All the best for the future Steven, and a speedy recovery

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Comment by Andy-Boi — March 2, 2010 @ 15:26

It seems there may be reasons why he is not under the protection of the Labour Spin machine.


So who grassed on him then?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Purcells ex wife?-she is a huge, and I mean massive-pot ugly boot who we are reassured no longer prefers the company of men...
As for her ex-husband, I could not possibly comment.........

redcliffe62 said...

The Scottish media is supportive of labour. 50 years of control gives you some benfits, so I do not expect it to be something they will be allowed to print from Labour HQ.

If, and I qualify IF, he has had "issues" with his partner OR partners, or he has shall we say "addiction" problems, then these can also cause stress and we should respect that.
Tiger Woods and Charles Kennedy were addicted albeit differently and it has cost them heavily.

To claim it is solely work related, perhaps having seen 3 guys leave the Transport Committee on health grounds in last few weeks after dodgy expenses which he may or may not have known about, then that is an issue he needs to justify.

Getting a gag order on personal issues from his committee members and a media company to waffle on his behalf confirms there is more to the story.

The silence from labour is deafening. Why have they not praised him, clearly there is something unpalatable.
It cannot just be nicking money as expenses as they all do that!

Billy Blofeld

50p says he has been rigging elections for Labour in Scotland

Anonymous said...

Scotsman website news story on Purcell - they have pulled all comments. Fair enough if the mainstream media has been gagged, even though it stinks. So much for the freedom of the web?

But why has Joan McAlpine's typepad blog now pulled comments - they were allowed last night - she has suddenly changed here mind. Its not as if her blog is an official Times site. Its her own personal blog. Why start with comments at midnight last night, and then drop them?

This story must be big if even bloggers such as Joan McAlpine are scared.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tory Bear,

I posted some info about Purcell's ex wife no longer preferring the company of men.
This is not true-my mistake-got my wires crossed.
However, what is correct-and I can can guarantee this-is that a few years ago Purcell walked out on the wife having declared he was "gay".

However the poor wife did extract her revenge when he went into the wardrobe and found the stitching on all his expensive Armani suit had been loosened.

I expext that Purcell's decision to "retire" will be based on this.

Good site this!-but I am mainly a "Guido" man

Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty.

Anonymous said...

Note also that Yapping Yousuf, the prolific Glasgow Labour blog, has suddenly gone on sabbatical as of yesterday. Could be a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

I would not worry too much about Steven. Jack has declared that his constitutional at Castle Craig has him feeling quite demuir. Let us not allow the press to Mcleod the issue here! There are few who have done more for the poor in Columbia and Peru than the good Councilor. Allegations that Steven is a keen fan of Amy Winehouse have been retconned, and anyone who would spread such falsehoods would be driven in a Chevy to the Levy.

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