Thursday, 20 May 2010

Utter Balls

TB was gearing up to rip chunks out of this vomit inducing piece on the

Guardian website
by Ellie Gellard:
I am well aware that Ed Balls is not the most popular candidate for Labour leader. Vilification by the rightwing press has led to an image of Balls which many who know him personally, many of whom I’ve spoken to, do not recognise. This will be an opportunity for the public to see the real Ed. Quite simply, it will be a cold day in hell when Labour party members choose our leader based on his popularity in the sections of the media we rightly loathe. Ed has the hunger, the drive and the fire in the belly to lead our party back into Downing Street. It is perhaps just that which the rightwing media fear.
However it seems
Toby Young
has beat him to it:
Allow me to correct this misapprehension. The truth is that most rightwing commentators would dearly love to see Ed Balls as the next Labour leader. Not only does he come across badly on television – a Stalinist thug trying, unsuccessfully, to seem human – but he’s fatally tainted by his close association with Gordon Brown. He would be a terrible electoral liability, worse even than the insufferably smug Diane Abbott. Next to him, Michael Foot seems positively Churchillian.

The problem is. he produces such an instant, visceral dislike that we find it impossible to stop ourselves pointing out how ghastly he is. We all recognise, I think, that we should either keep quiet or relentlessly attack his politics, allowing the Ellie Gerard’s of this world to portray him as the leadership candidate we fear the most. But we simply can’t repress our violent hatred of the man. To adapt a phrase of Edward Heath’s, he is the unacceptable face of socialism.
What he said.


Anonymous said...

You really are a Tory oik of the first order aren't you TB?

For a so-called right-wing political blogger, you certainly seem to concern yourself rather obsessively with what's happening on the left.

I smell real fear in your rantings. You know that Cameron blew his big chance by not winning this election properly - that the Conservatives' popularity reached its high water mark last year - and that it's downhill all the way from here on in.

Labour won't elect Balls as leader, and the prospect of either of the Milibands frightens most Tories to death.

said... really a Socialist oik of the lowest order.

We concern ourselves with what's happening on the Left because it was your lefty mates that have comprehensively buggered this country over the last 13 years.

There is no fear at all and certainly none whatsoever at the prospect of the inept Miliband brothers. More admiration of you stupidity, I suppose, that you could possibly consider electing either of them to high office.

John R

TB, better still

What he said...with Balls on!!

Richard Manns

@ Anonymous

Don't you concern yourself with the goings-on of the Right? You should try to, you might learn something by opening your mind to other points of view.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, how is this talentless and politics-void hack getting column space in CIF. I know CIF publish quite alot of rubbish with no point, but really, giving her a shot to say absolutely nothing of importance. Obviously the blogosphere is peppered with such meaningless bollock, which is fine if people want to waste their time being told nothing, but in a national newspaper! Pffffttttt

Anonymous said...

I love that you have tweeted that none of the Labour leadership candidates are a threat. Shows you took my comment to heart.

The Tory doth protest too much, methinks.

Anonymous said...

A commentator got it right.

Tip of the Hat to Mark1980

"Vote Balls...Get Cock!"

Anonymous said...

Norman Tebbit (the right-wing loon) agrees with me - Cameron had a wicket upon which he should have scored heavily, but instead limped to a half-century before being caught at slip.

Anonymous said...

@ Richard Manns.

Yes, I do, but not obsessively so, unlike TB.

I hardly think that it's got anything to do with "opening your mind to other points of view" - I'd say that those of us that scour the blogs and follow the politicos on Twitter are pretty entrenched in our views already.

I don't imagine TB's mind is particularly open to my point of view.

Should have gone to Spectator said...

I think Cameron is shite, I would rather Frazer Nelson be PM.

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