Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Where's Yvette?


Iain Dale
 said... judge a man by the company he keeps. So it's no surprise then that Ed Balls has secured the backing of Kerry McCarthy. There are 13 Labour MPs now backing Balls.
Vernon Coaker (Gedling)
Sharon Hodgson (Washington & Sunderland West)
Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West)
Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East)
Iain Wright (Hartlepool)
Diana Johnson (Kingston upon Hull North)
David Wright (Telford)
Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham Perry Barr)
Andrew Gwynne (Denton & Reddish)
Helen Jones (Warrington North)
Eric Joyce (Falkirk)
Dave Anderson (Blaydon)
John Robertson (Glasgow North West)
Aren't we missing someone there? Is there a reason his MP wife isn't on the list?

On the day of his big launch, here is some information you might like to know about Ed Balls:

Just sayin'.



I thought she was in Canterbury.


Is she in Canterbury?


The following constituencies were won by MP's fighting under the "Labour Co Op" banner rather than "The Labour Party"

Rutherglen and Hamilton West 21001 Lab Co-op
Ilford South 11288 Lab Co-op
Kilmarnock and Loudoun 12378 Lab Co-op
Liverpool West Derby 18468 Lab Co-op
Edmonton 9614 Lab Co-op
Barrow and Furness 5207 Lab Co-op
Feltham and Heston 4658 Lab Co-op
Liverpool Wavertree 7166 Lab Co-op
Harrow West 3145 Lab Co-op
Glasgow South West 14670 Lab Co-op
Morley and Attwood 1099 Lab Co-op
Cardiff South and Penarth 4712 Lab Co-op
Islwyn 12214 Lab Co-op
Preston 7733 Lab Co-op
Nottingham East 6970 Lab Co-op
Luton South 2330 Lab Co-op

That's 14 more MPs alongside the member for Morley & Attwood. Me thinks that most of these will shortly be fraternally joining Mr Balls.


In Canterbury?


At a guess I would say that Mrs Balls' name is not on the list so as the likes of you and I can't say, "....and he needed his wife's nomination to make up the numbers."

How funny would it be if he won, the coalition fell apart and then he lost his seat to Calvert in the rematch?


Don't scupper htis ship.

If you knew what was good for us you would post pro-balls vids from now to his coronation.


The question to which the answer is Balls:

What's ugly, needs constant monitoring and is the closest thing to a shit?

Mind you a long evening enjoying yourself with Abbot is likely to have you on your back or in the gutter, so it's keenly balanced....

Anonymous said...

The main thing I noticed that all these MPs have in common is that they all represent places that are on my 'sh1tholes I have visited list',maybe I travel too much!!

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