Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Win Win Situation, Sort Of

Given Obama seems to have enough problems trying to fix a hole, who knows how he will react if North Korea shell Seoul. Tomorrow evening

in collaboration with BBC World News will be hosting a debate at the Methodist Hall. "Obama’s foreign policy is a gift to his enemies" could get pretty heated.

Speakers for the motion are:

General Jack Keane
Retired four-star general, former
Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army
and a key strategist in Iraq.

Bill Kristol
Conservative political commentator,
and founder and editor of The
Weekly Standard magazine.

Con Coughlin
Executive foreign editor of the
Telegraph and expert on the Middle
East and Islamic terrorism.

And against...

Simon Schama
Professor at Columbia University,
broadcaster, critic and contributing
editor at the Financial Times.

Bernard-Henri Lévy
France's leading philosopher and a
publisher, novelist, journalist and

Philip Bobbitt
Herbert Wechsler Professor of
Federal Jurisprudence at Columbia
Law School.

It will be chaired by Zeinab Badawi one of the  BBC World News presenters. Full details about the event can be found

TB has a couple of tickets worth £50 up for grabs for the wittiest person who tells us before tomorrow lunchtime what POTUS is thinking...


Anonymous said...

wonder if we could stop the leak with a North Korean Torpedo?


If I move over to the right they'll see that I have angel's wings

Simon Harley

"Shame I have that douche Schama defending me. If only it was Professor Gates."

Craig Lawton

Hhmmm, I wonder if I should grow a beard so when Denzel Washington plays me in a film I will look more interesting...?

Miller 2.0

"Is that a perfectly square piece of dirt on the window?"

Offpeak said...

"If only we could persuade Hilary to double-team Kim Jong-Il with her husband we might have more leverage"

jojo said...

look! I can make a shadow of a peacock on the wall.

Uncle Bob

"I wonder if I could persuade David Laws to defect to the democrats"


"Even if North Korea shells Seoul, or worse, I am just so screwed in the midterms."

Matthew Richardson

Man, I am so stoned, right now.


"Obamas rabbit silhouette came alive and attacked his throat, CIA sources claim Al-Qaeda respsonible for voodoo attack originating in North Korea"

Old Holborn

Thank God they don't call me KitKat. Just having four fingers an' all


If Gilette really is the best a man can get...

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