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Friday, 8 August 2008

Hold on a second....

Thank you to the ever useful "CFer" who pinged this into TB's inbox as soon as the last post was published:

(Click to enlarge)

Seems ABB is slightly more bothered by The Blue Guerilla than she let on in that interview. Yes that comment was appalling and totally beyond the pale and it's for reasons not dissimilar from this case that TB has comment moderation, but is threatening legal action the answer? A simple phone call would have been far more effective than hollow threats.

TB would like to think that this issue could be resolved amicably and the need for threats of legal action disappears from CF.

Exclusive: ABB and London Spin

Seems it's a flurry of interviews in the CF Blog world today... London Spin has be given a Pravda style Q and A with Anastasia Beaumont-Bott. It's billed as an exclusive "My Story":

TB hasn't seen it all yet but hears that it covers all sorts and can reveal first and once and for all that ABB will not be running for Chairman of Conservative Future.

Here's what she had to say about TB:

Q. -What do you think of current blogs and their content (TBG, TB) do you think it does damage to the Conservative brand?

A. I think Blogs have the potential to be an amazing tool in gauging the CF membership, engaging the CF membership and involving them too. TB and TBG are the two most talked about ‘anonymous’ (though I guess my definition of anonymous and theirs slightly differ). When they report on something factual or find a discrepancy in something, it is right to bring it to the attention of others. As long as the facts are presented then the debate can be held but there must also be a willingness to admit when they get something wrong.

We have also got to remember, as recently shown in a post by tBg that it isn’t just members of CF that read these blogs. While I must stress that we should be able to air our views, the one thing that saddens me is that people use the apparent anonymity to simply attack – that only makes us look like we inhabit the schoolyard. We need to show a united front, but we also need to be united in our aim to get the Conservative Party elected.

Perhaps this is something the NME need to look at and possibly develop a way in which CF can air its grievances and concerns? The Blogs can then be used to discuss the more immediate concerns and worries – like what Labour is doing to this country, but gives the Bloggers more ability to do what they set out to, to hold proper debates.

The rest of the interview can be found on
London Spin
at some point today.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

As predicted...

Though many did, TB did not fall for what he correctly predicted to be a practical joke. ABB and Howlett are not in a relationship.

Nice try at fooling the bloggers kids.. you'll have to try harder than that though.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Pull the other one....

Following up on

tBg's confusion
, TB is astonished at amount of emails, texts and voicemails he has got today concerning this....

He is how ever inclined to suggest that this might be rather extended practical joke. At least he hopes it is, if this is anything to go by:

(click to enlarge)

Way too much information if does turn out to be true... doubt it will though.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"I think I fancy Boris..."

When TB sees those ruddy red cheeks, blonde floppy hair, his knees go weak...

Budding young London Tories packed out the downstairs of an exclusive Whitehall watering hole with one intention and one intention only... The Boris photo op... Facebook profiles across the London network will no doubt be updated with pictures of a Boris back to his famous form.
Thanking Conservative Future for the fantastic effort that they put in during his campaign to become Mayor of London, the cash was behind the bar and the flesh was being pressed.

Arriving a characteristically 40 minutes late, BJ split the room like some sort of 20th century Moses... Half of the hacks instantly dived on the "devilishly handsome man," while the other slightly cooler CF players held back munching on the canapes. They were clearly way too sound to let on that their idol had just brushed past their artfully distressed jeans and jacket combo.

Hearts were fluttering throughout the room, a small queue of pretty young CF girles formed whenever the poor lad stopped. Fighting the heat of a packed basement - or "dungeon" as he called it, Boris ripped off the tie off as he entered - he claimed later to be dressing down to meet George Osborne for supper.

...and then as soon as the Boris tornado arrived, he was gone. A certain rather gorgeous brunette made Tory Bear blush with her comment in his wake that "I don't care what it takes, I mean to have that man!"

A bloody good night seems to be had by all. In the post Boris haze, TB couldn't help laugh at the ever keen ABB corner "the second most important man in the room" for one of her no doubt intense chats.

For those girlies left standing the late arrival of MarClar was almost too much. The famous candidate, interns in tow, was cursing the fact he missed Boris for the second time that night- having crashed the GLA Summer Party under the guise of still being CF Chairman, (you better get on to that Rock!?) It didn't stop him handing out his own branded merchandise though... TB has yet to see a more dreadful business card...

The pen will come in handy though...

Friday, 4 July 2008

+++LGBTory will joining Boris at Pride+++

Interesting Facebook message from ABB. Seems LGBTory is actually doing something and will be joining Boris at the front of the London Gay Pride parade tomorrow... Even the most cynical of members must realise that this is a pretty significant moment.

Not for LGBTory but for the Party as a whole.

: TB has been in contact with Anastasia who is rather excited at the plethora of banners, balloons and tshirts CCHQ seems to have forked out for.. She said:

"I am over the moon and incredibly proud of everyone involved with LGBTory and everyone at CCHQ who helped make this happen. I can't stop smiling."

Let's hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.