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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Archive - Ed Miliband Owned by Paxman

First published 29th September 2009:

The wunderkid Ed Miliband just got a vintage Paxman creaming
on Newsnight
. Imagine Blinky Balls crossed with the guy out of the South Park film. He kept saying "If you'd just let me finish, if you'd just let me finish.. errr let's not turn this into one of those interviews, can I finish?"

Eventually Paxman lost it and in exasperation said "yes yes I'm trying to let you finish, I want you to finish."

Popcorn worthy.

UPDATE 00.01: As
Alex Massie
pointed out to TB, the similarities to this are uncanny:

"This is like watching Bambi's mother be punched by John Leslie..."

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Archive - Don't Call Ed Miliband a Chav

First published 25th September 2009:

It is rare that TB gets a reply from the near daily abuse he can't help but send Ministers of this dying government via the uber-access tool Twitter. Hence the chuckle he afforded himself when he clearly
hit a nerve
with Miliband the Younger:

He's definitely not a chav alright? Got that? Good.

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