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Monday, 1 September 2008

Idiot spotting...

Spotting this pillock certainly made 5 hours on the M4 slightly more amusing.

Thank you to the person who emailed
this site
over... very funny and very true.

Number 15 is TB's favourite.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Tory Bear is angry.

This has got to stop.

Granted there are only eleven people so far in this group but TB urges each and everyone of you to consider your membership of the Conservative Party. What made you join the Tories? Why are you involved now?

Is it just the shiny, glossy, fresh campaigns that both the Conservatives and Obama are running, because that is where the common ground lies.

TB has said it before and will say it until he goes blue... oh wait. Well he will say it again;

Obama is a socialist.
Tories don't like socialists

Obama has the most left leaning voting record of any Senator.
Tories don't like left leaning voting records.

The guy is a lightweight - Obama sat on a beach sipping cocktails firing off the occasional press release about the situation in Georgia, while Dave flew out there. (Granted he was going to Turkey but TB likes to think he would have gone anyway...)

There are a million and ones reasons not to support Obama, heck TB doesn't care if you don't support McCain either. To be honest (and it does need spelling out to some people - THIS-IS-NOT-OUR-ELECTION!) your support doesn't count for anything but why nail your such shallow and ill thought out political allegiances so blatantly to the mast?

The Conservative Party should not be a haven for people who support massive increases on middle class taxation, pulling troops out of Iraq before they can finish the job started and ripping up the rule books and shredding Constitution under a lame banner of so called "Change".