Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Just go...

It has often been speculated that Alan Duncan won't be in Dave's cabinet next year but the man is a damn liability in the run up to the election.

Don't Panic
- who are fast becoming nothing more than a Labour front group, have once again
stitched up a tory
. Who could forget the painful CF expose, not that Mr Duncan's comments are excusable:

"Shadow Commons leader Alan Duncan has apologised "unreservedly" after he was secretly filmed complaining about MPs' pay and expenses.

The Tory MP was heard to say MPs were being treated badly after the expenses scandal and "have to live on rations".

Mr Duncan said the remarks, made to campaigner Heydon Prowse of Don't Panic magazine, were meant as a joke

Mr Duncan's comments are inexcusable and the fact that he would even put himself in this position shows just what how unsuitable he is to be Leader of the House. The Leader and the Speaker will have the responsibility of restoring trust in Parliament after the next election and Duncan must have just signed his own death warrant.

Dave, get rid of this tit.


Anonymous said...

Please see:

...for a take on this potentially Lib Dem aligned organisation.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Duncan. What about this s*** Prowse, who goes about digging up private property and taking cameras into the Palace of Westminster? He ought to be dealt with in the manner he deserves.


He is a liability. His attitude was shown for what it is when he was on HIGNY recently and this latest debacle should be the last straw.

Some are saying that he brings a bit of colour to politics. Colour we like, but he ain't no Boris Johnson and typifies what's wrong in British politics and gives Labour et al a perfect opportunity to pretend that the Tories are the same old wolves in sheeps clothing. People like Duncan need weeding out and it is unfortunate that we are having to have it done in public like this.

@Anon 12Aug09 2020 - Have to disagree with you to some extent there, as I think Duncan *is* the main issue this time, not Prowse. No doubt he (Prowse) will either go totally too far or will disappear into the background. Either way, he's doing more of a service than a disservice at the moment, imho.

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