Thursday, 11 December 2008

Caption Contest:

Ugh the whole photo is so uncomfortable.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Tell Preston Council where to go.

Tory Bear was rather ironically left speechless when he

read on Conservative Home
today that Preston Council have started to enforce £80 on the spot fines for
swearing in the street
. Not only was he dumbstruck at this abuse of power by a supposedly TORY council what really took the biscuit was the last line - "I think Preston Council might well have come up with a good idea."
Whatever happened to freedom of speech! TB sympathises in the fact that in days gone by this wasn't a problem and that people respected being around women and children and behaved appropriately. However just because society is going down the toilet it doesn't mean the state has the right to silence people and that local councils have the right to abuse their power. As
cleverly put it tonight how dare the state insist on citizens paying "money into a municipal swear jar."

Not only is this is possibly the most outrageous and ridiculous idea TB has heard in a long time, salt was added to the wound by the new editor of the
local government
section of ConHome Cllr Harry Phibbs. How can anyone who claims to be a member of a party that exists to defend the concept of British Liberty and freedoms agree with this absurd repression? TB can count on one hand, OK maybe two hands, the times that he has been this angry at what is normally a representative and balanced conservative editorial stance on ConHome.

Now he doesn't normally swear very much on here but if TB wasn't flying next week (sorry Lily,) he would get the train home via Preston, walk into the main street and say loudly and proudly to this nasty state infringement...

Fuck Off!

Why don't all PPCs do this?

Excellent idea from

Brandon Lewis
the candidate for Great Yarmouth:

Leading the way in the viral campaigns...

One goal - to bring down a government.

As Greece prepares for yet another night of civil unrest Tory Bear is wondering how long before something similer happens here...


Tory Bear's new best friend Lily Kember has
hit back
at the media who have had a fully justified go at her in the Guardian.

The Devil has a warning for all those out there who were planning on doing the obvious trip to Lush once again for those last minute Christmas presents for the ladies...

Lush fund Plane Stupid.

Dammit - TB is a big fan of their "Prince" triple orange blossom shaving cream.

Quote of the century...

Gordon just said that he "saved the world" at PMQs.

Cue two solid minutes of laughter. The speaker was ignored and Brown mocked.

Keep taking the medication Gordo...

Update - As requested:

Comment Policy - a quick reminder.

TB would like to quickly draw your attention back to his comment moderation policy. Needlessly insulting (unless funny,) or slanderous comments will not be published. Or will any comments that refer to Tory Bear's alter ego.

For the record though Tory Bear is not jealous of Lily Kember, her class, education or relative "success". He also doesn't spend his life hanging out with basement bound right-wingers and as for ugly... well that's just not very nice is it.

TB would rather not have the hassle of moderating comments but that is in your hands...

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Boris saves Christmas but...

Iain Dale tonight has the

that Boris has defeated the PC brigade and saved Christmas at City Hall! It's great news that there will be Christmas carols this year, however Tory Bear is saddened tonight that other institutions slightly close to home are still so blinkered:

Oh well maybe next year...


Fantastic and powerful new video from the NO2ID campaign:

Creepy stuff.

Late notice...

Word is reaching Tory Bear from Birmingham that Caroline Spelman has today pulled out of an event at the city branch, with just three days notice. What could be the problem?

Well it seems Ms Spelman has today found time to write an
in depth piece
, some what on the defensive about how CCHQ is ready for the General Election. This is in light of the 24 sackings two weeks before Christmas. So a crisis there could be to blame, or is it that we are soon about the find out the results of the long awaited inquiry into the NannyGate affair?

Hat-Tip - The Silver Fox

RC dust settles...

Offcially the creation of the new Regional Coordinators is a landmark in "the development of Conservative Future, which will deliver a far more responsive structure for all CF members.

We are Conservatives and localism is a key part of our ideology. The appointment of Regional Chairmen is key to this change. These people will work to improve the organisation in their regions, focusing on local branches and local activities."

However it seems this email shows just how difficult this interim period of introducing the RC's nationwide will be. It came late last night from a member who wishes to remain anonymous:

"I may have slipped into a coma at some point, but what exactly are these regional coordinators going to do differently to what was in place before? I'd get the odd hurried message from the area chairman (Chairperson?)  organising at the last minute a canvasing day through Facebook on the opposite side of the county and watch as he got narked that noone turned up. Will this new system be any different? Have we found the silver bullet?

I'm also rather surprised as to it being one person's job to coordinate activities over such a geographically vast area like the North West, North East, North Wales (which I grew up in), and South Wales. Transport at county level in quite an ordeal over this way (it takes twice as long for example to go from
Holyhead to Aberystwyth than it does from Holyhead to Chester, and that's assuming you go by car, don't whatever you do mention trains). Will the general membership be expected to pay for these new RCs to travel from one end of their areas to another to coordinate us? Or will the RCs be expected to pay for it themselves?

I suspect in the end that the whole thing will end up as a
Facebook group, with some hastily arranged event thrown up every now and again when one of the RCs gets picked up on for having done nothing on sites such as yours.

I don't really know what the answer is
tbh, and I'm not privy to the NME thinking behind this decision. It strikes me as being another "bright idea" from London, but that could be that northern chip on my shoulder.  Perhaps it would have been better to have instituted a mechanism to hold ACs and NME members to account? I know, I know, a pipe dream...

The overall impression I get is that this just gives credence to Sir Humphrey's line "politicians like activity, it's their substitute for achievement". We'll no doubt are a flurry of activity to begin with, followed by the inevitable slide back to where we are bow, carrying on as if nothing has changed.

Which I suppose it hasn't, if you think about it."

We shall see eh?

Monday, 8 December 2008

The Student press dives in...

The Edinburgh University Student has

weighed in
to Lilygate.


Listen to Lily...

Thanks to SkyNews you can now hear the very moment the law carried young Lily away...

You can hear the clipped accent of her
Godolphin and Latymer
education (£14,346 per annum fees,) as she is explaining her deluded attempt to save the planet.
There is only one thing worse than a hippy and that's a public school hippy wannabee.
And the icing on the cake? Well tonight Tory Bear is hearing unconfirmed reports from sources close to the greens at Edinburgh University about Miss Kember's choice of transport to get to the protest.
Surely there can't be any truth in the rumour she flew?

Lily Kember and EUSA Vs. Real Students

There has been wide spread outrage today in the fall out after the hippy invasion of Stansted Airport. As previously reported by Tory Bear, Edinburgh University anthropology student Lily Kember, (pictured right in her native state,) endangered lives and violated private property in a shameless and selfish act. 

Having speculated earlier about the response of Edinburgh University to the arrest of one of its students, TB got in touch with the press office who said that they could not comment on individual students but stressed that they are not mummies and a daddies. Apparently they will get back to TB if anything comes of this but he was told not to be surprised if nothing happens.

Christian May the deputy chairman of Conservative Future said earlier: "The simple truth is the protesters acted recklessly, dangerously and illegally. It says a lot about Edinburgh University that they are prepared to turn a blind eye to this criminal act. Some people need to be treated like children: point out that what they did was wrong, make them apologise, and then punish them. If we don't do this, then similarly unwashed uneducated reactionaries will continue to violate the laws with impunity."

And so Tory Bear turned to the esteemed Edinburgh University Student Association, an organisation dear to his heart and received a cutting response from the President Adam Ramsay, a member of the Green Party. Clever use of the environmental thorn in the Conservatives’ side:

"Last summer, recent Edinburgh graduate Iain Thom was arrested in China at the opening ceremony for the Olympics. His protest led to headlines reminding people around the world of China's appalling human rights record. Many students said they were proud of Iain Thom's bravery. I'm sure many will be proud of Lily Kember - the Edinburgh student arrested at Stansted today.

Lily follows in the footsteps of the leaders of most religious groups in Scotland (including the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church in Scotland), many members of the Scottish government, and a substantial number of Edinburgh students and staff - all of whom have been arrested attempting to blockade Faslane Nuclear Weapons Base.

Earlier this year, potential Tory candidate and advisor to David Cameron, Zac Goldsmith, spoke in defence of Greenpeace activists charged with criminal assault at Kingsnorth Power Station.

He said: 'If a crime is intended to prevent much larger crimes, I think many people would regard that as justified.' The jury agreed with Zac Goldsmith, and the Greenpeace activists were let off.

Students around the world have a proud history of leading progressive change, and, sometimes, of putting their bodies on the line in doing so. BAA and the pro-flying lobby have near unprecedented access to this government. The communities affected by airport expansion are left out in the cold. This peaceful protest has helped to open up the debate. The number of people who had their flights delayed is minimal compared to the potential damage resulting from expanding Stansted. I think many students will concur with Zac Goldsmith - as an attempt to prevent a much larger crime, this protest is justified. Edinburgh students should be proud of Lily Kember."

Well this Edinburgh student is most certainly not proud of the behaviour of Lily and her hippy chums, and nor is TB alone: Alice Paisley a 4th year history student said “this was totally irresponsible, rash and certainly won’t help her cause.” 4th Year chemist Thomas MacThomas, asked by Tory Bear outside the library today what he thought simply added “what a pillock, has she never flown anywhere?”

Nick Ward, a leading figure in the University Labour Club said to TB: "Although I have nothing against the people doing it themselves I do believe they are misguided and possibly selfish. Politics is about winning people over to your cause and in a democracy that is best done through argument and debate not through acts of vandalism endangering people’s lives and inconveniencing hundreds of families. This is the equivalent of a huff by a 4 year old not the mature rational discussion of adults which might actually bring people around to your cause rather than alienating a great many." Ed Kozak Vice-Chairman of Edinburgh University Conservatives added: “The idea that Edinburgh University would let this completely unwarranted attack on property stand is worrying at best and darn right offensive at worst.”

In the words of Sir Alan Hasslehurst, the local MP in Essex: "You've now got two major parties saying that there should be no second runway at Stansted.  On the whole, I would have thought the argument was moving in the right direction.  There was no need for this.”

Donal Blaney, the Chief Executive of the Young Britons’ Foundation had some helpful advice for the likes of Lily Kember - "if only left-wing students spent half as much time on their degrees as they do on puerile gesture politics and unlawful protests then perhaps they'd get decent jobs when they graduated"

The fall out continues...

Regional Coordinators published:

TB is in out and about more on this later but here we go:

London – Clare Hilley

Eastern – Sonia Chohan

West Midlands – Jimmy McLoughlin

East Midlands – Hamish Stewart

North West England – Richard Lowe

North East England – Emma Carr

Yorkshire and the Humber – Philip Smith

South West England – James Morton

South East England – Ranil Jayawardena

North Wales – Paul Rogers

South Wales – Michael J Foreman

Caption Contest:

Can someone please fill TB in on what the hell is going on here:

Answers below please.

Lily Kember should face the music.

Reading the news this morning of yet another lot of hippies embarrassing themselves under the Plane Stupid banner, this time at Stansted, TB was in too much of a hurry to really give it much thought. It's only now that he has learnt that a fellow Edinburgh University student was at the forefront of this madness has his blood started to boil.Now don't get me wrong, Edinburgh has its weaknesses but on the whole you would expect a someone who attends the university to be of a decent intellectual standing and have a good education under their belt. Why then would fellow anthropology student

Lily Kember
feel it necessary to risk being shot under anti terrorist laws and waste millions of pounds of passenger money by being such a fool as to break into an airport and risk hundreds of lives blockading a runway.
Lily, believed to be one of the strange people pictured to the right, used bolt cutters to enter Standsted Airport tarmac this morning and ground all flights for a matter of hours. The chaos that ensued is widely
reported elsewhere
Now under the university rules there is a clause that any student can be removed for bringing "the university into disrepute". This all encompassing rule is normally used on rugby teams that trash night clubs or stoner kids dealing in student halls, however there is absolutely no doubt that Lily Kember has brought Edinburgh University into disrepute with her stupidity and naivety as well as her blatant disregard for the rule of law and respect for private business... This deluded hippy said today "Being arrested is a terrifying prospect, but not nearly as terrifying as the threat of climate change." Well that's all very well and a good but why not add the terrifying prospect of showing this idiot a dose of how the real world works and kicking her out before she can say "Save the planet." If Tory Bear were to be arrested for breaking and entering private property, endangering the lives of innocent bystanders and highlighting just what morons humans can be then he would expect to be shown the door.
Something tells TB though, given his dealings with the university before, especially departments like politics and anthropology that Lily Kember won't be kicked out, won't be reprimanded in any way and will no doubt be celebrated as a hero across campus.
What should happen is Lily and her fellow deluded gaggle of idiots should be charged with those crimes for which they were held, and then be personally made accountable for their actions by repaying each and every one of those passengers who had their flights cancelled. The likes of Ryan Air should not be liable for the huge financial loss they would have suffered this morning. Lily and her friends should face up to an alien concept to them, a little something called personal responsibility - something that most human beings possess yet seems to be massively lacking in this particular breed of insane, left-wing, dangerous, spiteful and deluded fools. When her and her cronies have spent the next ten years working full time to atone for their behaviour, only then will they realise who the plane stupid ones really are.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Back to the Future...

It seems it wasn't just TB who had a busy weekend of working hard and playing hard. After the carnage of the Exeter Ball on Friday night it was straight back to work for the great and good of Conservative Future. After weeks of bashing out the selections for Regional Coordinators the list is set to be announced tomorrow. Seems the security around the final names is very tight though word from the South East is that the  speculation about Ranil Jayawardena being chosen will be confirmed. 

As for Tory Bear? Well he was campaigning hard in Perth yesterday and then a classic Saturday night out. Been a while since he has hit to town properly and couldn't help notice... is disco back? Seems to be everywhere again and TB can't help but ask, is this country returning to the 1970's? 
There is nationalisation left right and centre. We are in a recession and are over-taxed. We have a useless, chaotic and failing Labour government and disco is playing on a Saturday night.
Is this 1978?

Saturday, 6 December 2008

In Dave we trust...

Three years since DC took over...

Happy anniversary Dave..

Here's to three more.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Here we go again...

TB would rather chop of his right paw then sit through another one of these
Unless anyone is up for causing some trouble...?