Monday, 22 December 2008

So long... Farewell...

Tory Bear is off for two weeks of sunshine, rum and cigars on a beach in Cuba. The phone will be off and email checking will be sporadic to non-existent. It will take a pretty massive story to get TB to blog again until the 6th of Jan.

TB hopes to see lots of you at the YBF Russian New Year bash upon his return but in the mean time Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you so much for making this blog so successful in just six months.

Has Mrs Cameron been reading Tory Bear?

Tory Bear was taking his annual stroll down Bond Street, shopping for Mummy and Sister Bears. He decided to pop into

to see what
Creative Director
Sam Cam had on offer this Christmas...

He couldn't help but wonder if he had inspired this year's blue bear stationery collection?

He's making a list...

For some reason this went into Tory Bear's spam folder so he's only just seen this years festive prank from CF:

Santa Claus has this year placed Gordon Brown on the naughty list, and thus the Prime Minister will not be receiving any presents. Conservative Future has obtained a

leaked document
showing that the Prime Minister has been moved to the naughty list in reaction to the large debt he is placing on future generations.The leaked document, from Lapland's Department of Poetic Justice, shows that other prominent politicians have also been added to the naughty list:

Alistair Darling – for his part in saddling the future generation with huge debt and tax increases.

Michael Martin - for not teaching the Sergeant at Arms that the Police need a warrant before searching a premises/Parliamentary office.

Jacqui Smith - for her bullying students to get an ID card in order to obtain student loans.

Rock said "This story has a serious message at its centre; the politicians who are on the list have performed a grave disservice to young people of this country.The people on this list have eroded democracy, scored cheap political points, recklessly borrowed for electoral gain and, just for good measure, have footed the next generation with a huge bill in a vain attempt to remedy the follies of the last eleven years."

Very witty.

London leading the way...

Another video from

London Conservative Future
inviting to their launch party. London Lib Dem Yoof had Nick Clegg at theirs... big name expecteced for the tories.

Watch this space.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Imitation is the highest form of flattery...

Having posted the previous story about Foulkes, TB decided to google the Rectorial candidate and found his newly

launched website
, complete with video:

Watching various students be asked questions about something they should know the answer to, such as what does their Rector do, TB was sure he had seen the excellent concept used very effectively before. He just couldn't think where... and then it came to him. In the last lot of Edinburgh University student elections a certain Tory
caused a bit of upset by suggesting no one knew what the union was, or what they did:

Once again Labour shamelessly ripping off the Tories. But the plot thickens...

The Foulkes campaign is being run by the university's Labour club and the site is
to one Matt McPherson. Lets have a look at Mr McPherson's Facebook page:

A gentle search led TB to discover that he has apparently been George Foulke's Parliamentary Assistant since February of this year, though strangely Foulkes doesn't mention this in his
declaration of interests
. Is McPherson being paid to be his researcher, or paid to run Foulkes's campaign? He is a first year student and therefore can't exactly be a full time assistant, so what exactly is McPherson doing other than securing Foulke's legacy?

Foulkes is standing down from Holyrood at the next election after a very long parliamentary career and what a greater position to retire into than the esteemed role of Rector of Edinburgh University, in the path of some of the country's best politicians and err Gordon Brown. Worth paying a young hack to make it happen?

TB wouldn't put it past him.

Bad news for Foulkes...

TB is never normally one to agree with anything that the SNP say but one of their bloggers asks an
interesting question
- what is the point of George Foulkes? Foulkes drains the taxpayer of thousands of pounds every year in rather
dubious circumstances
and in return all he seems to do is ask pretty pointless questions in Holyrood and make crap YouTube
. This doesn't bode well for his bid to take the esteemed position of Rector of Edinburgh University. TB can't remember anyone asking what the point of Churchill, Lloyd George or Gladstone was!

No other candidates are yet to declare in the race, but TB happens to know of one and will reveal their identity in the new year... Let's just say it's going to be an entertaining race.

More speculation...

Interesting to note that since TB first pointed out that Rudy Giuliani has a JoinRudy2012 site up and running, it has subsequently been
taken down

Should be noted that
is "Under Construction" too.

Thanks to
for pointing this out. While lots of blogs will be shutting down this Christmas CL will apparently be going strong

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Ten Lords a-leaping...

With prices like that TB can't help but be jealous of Mandy and co...

There is an "I" in Liberal after all!

Seems someone got round to fixing the little hiccup on the Lib Dem Yoof

TB is happy to have been of service!

Rules are there for a reason...

Although he isn't Obama's biggest fan TB does see the benefits of a change in the White House and believes the Bush administration has some serious questions to answer. The American press over the last few weeks has offered a glimpse of a man seemingly
desperate to leave
and having heard the
shouts of his people
, Bush is doing everything he can to aid Obama and make the transition as
smooth as possible
. This is a far cry from the behaviour of the outgoing Clinton staff in 2000 who vandalised government property by removing all the Ws from the White House keyboards. The world is waiting with baited breath for the golden child to assume office, and TB can understand why, but he can't help feeling disappointed by the bitterness of the left. Rahter than just being happy with their victory,  true to their typical style, they want to rub Bush's nose in it. This sentiment can be seen from the highest profile commentators in the USA, down to humble Student Unions in this country.
TB has just received this
pathetic invitation
With a tear in their eye and a song in their heart
Edinburgh University Students Association
will be hosting a massive party to celebrate Bush leaving office:

After Eight years of planning and waiting patiently, the day has finally come for Teviot to light a candle of hope in the highest turret, in celebration of George W Bush leaving the Oval Office. On Tuesday 20th January 2009 Teviot will open its doors from 8pm and invite Edinburgh Students to join in the celebration with top comedians, DJs and drinks promos."
At best TB hopes this is just the entrepreneurial spirit of those in charge of EUSA shining through and hoping to generate some serious bar revenues are tapping into the sentiment felt on campus, however he knows deep down that this is wishful thinking. No once again this is the left showing just how bitter they can be. If they want to do this sort of thing in the privacy of their own home then fine, but it seems once again EUSA's casual disregard for the Charity Commission rules that they are meant to abide is shining through. No doubt there is a more detailed clause that outlaws these sort of event from taking place but allow TB to draw your attention to Section B1 of CC9 - the Charity Commission guide to Political Activity:

"In the political arena, a charity must stress its independence and ensure that any involvement it has with political parties is balanced. A charity must not give support or funding to a political party, nor to a candidate or politician."

No doubt TB will be called all sorts of names under the sun for highlighting this, but these rules are there for a damn reason, and that is to stop abuses of power such as the left wing's domination of Student Unions around the country. Why not have an inauguration party celebrating the changeover, rather than this orgie of hatred? Sure everyone who goes will be Obama lovers but it will fall within the rules. These rules need to be upheld at every level to avoid the slow disintegration of respect for their mandates that many student unions in this country suffer from.

This may seem petty but TB won't be letting this one go.

What do they know that we don't?

has become an incredibly useful website, and not just for the times that TB has been in an a hurry and hasn't had time to catch up with the day's news and blogs properly. He is, however, again forced to wonder exactly who it is that makes up their panel of top 100 political insiders. The site's claim to fame is that the people-in-the-know are polled on the day's big issues and offer the inside view. There have, however, been a couple of mildly embarrassing hiccups along the way. It's that time of year again where we all end up reflecting on the last twelve months, not just personally, but in terms of the year's news. TB was going to put together some of his own heroes and zeros of the last year but it seems
have beaten him to it. However TB has been left gobsmacked at who
these awards
have been given to...

Bear in mind when you look at who has been praised that this is, supposedly, the view of the 100 most eminent Westminster experts...

We'll start with pretty much the only award that TB agrees with - Rising Star of the year - awarded to Michael Gove with James Purnell as runner up. This is a fairly obvious choice, both men have the potential to lead their respective parties in the future. Purnell is one TB's favourite Labour politicians mainly for the fact he is basically a tory. Gove is a fantastic mind, writer and parliamentary performer.

However the sanity quickly falls away...

Gaffe of the year was awarded to George Osborne for letting slip that Mandy had "dripped pure poison" to him about Brown on their chance encounter in Corfu. Of course the revenge led to Gids being dragged into the whole world of pain that had the BBC and left wing press panting for a few weeks this autumn, but was this really the biggest gaffe of the year? Yes it caused a bit of hiccup for Team Dave, but at the end of the day George survived and the fact he survived a round in the ring with the Dark Lord Mandelson can only make him stronger. Surely the biggest gaffes of the year are the ones that have left serious and lasting damage to those concerned? Take, for example, the Labour class based campaign in the Crewe by-election, that not only upset both sides of the chamber but was wholeheartedly rejected by the electorate. Or what about Alex Salmond's cock-up at Glenrothes, where he went about Obama-like declaring victory and then got thumped, damaging not only his credibility but that of his entire cause. What about Peter Hain and Wendy Alexander both lying about campaign donations? What about Nick Clegg and the thirty odd notches on his bedpost, making him the laughing stock of Westminster!?

Backbencher of the year was awarded to Frank Field. TB has a lot of time for this closet tory who has embarrassed Gordon on many occasions this year, none more so than over the 10p tax band scandal that nearly bought the Brown government down. However ask someone outside of the village who Frank Field is and you will be met with a blank stare. David Davis was awarded the runner up spot, however ask your average joe who DD is and they are more than likely to say one word - freedom. DD sacrificed the chance of potentially being the next Home Secretary in order to stand up for the civil liberties and freedoms of not just his constituents, but every citizen of this nation, and yet is pushed into second place by a member who is merely disillusioned by the fact they realised they joined the wrong party and has gobbed off about this fact.

What are these so called insiders thinking?

Next we have speech of the year. TB must confess he hadn't heard Diane Abbot's
about 42 day's before he saw it included in these awards and thankfully this passionate and astute defence of liberty is a long distance from the nonsense she normally spouts on This Week. Other contenders that immediately come to mind are Nadine Dorries on lowering the abortion limit (can't find the link,) or Dave's rousing conference
war cry
- "My god this has got to stop!!" but who did the eminent Westminster experts pick? Gordon Brown's fascinating hour and half diatribe on the intricacy's of watching paint dry, that was his conference speech. TB has fond memories of taking part in Guido's live blog of the event and this was not a master piece of oratory. The only interesting thing about that speech was the fact Sarah Brown saved her husband from having rotten turnips thrown at him by the Labour hordes baying for his blood. In comparison to some of the greatest conference speeches of the past (Cameron 05, 08,
Thatcher 75
, many of Blair's etc,) Gordon's tractor-statistic fuelled ramble was an embarrassment and if it wasn't for the global economic downturn it would have been the last Labour conference he addressed as leader.

For TB this was the
greatest speech
of the last year. OK so it was last December but it still counts.

And so to Journalist of the Year - no objections to the runner up Fraser Nelson who has offered fantastic coverage, not only for his Spectator readership, but hard hitting analysis for the News of the World. But hang on... who does the coveted crown go to? Which journalist had provided fair and balanced, as well as accurate and sensible coverage of the economic downturn? None other than the BBC'c business editor Robert Peston of course. This is where TB's laptop nearly went out the window. TB would die a happy bear if he never had to listen to Peston's irritating nasal tones ever again whining about the fact that the people are too stupid to see that Gordo is the saviour of the universe, or complaining about the German's audacity at attacking Brown, rather than addressing the cause for criticism, or his disgusting rant that real people would be affected by the collapse of Woolworths. Never has the BBC had such a blatantly partisan figure manipulating situations, and peddling titbit's fed to him by his close contacts within the government. This man is a disgrace to his profession and TB is outraged that he could even be considered for any honour, however irrelevant, for his rubbish reporting.

Only two people have profited in terms of personal stock out of this recession, one is Gordon Brown and the other is Robert Peston - both should be ashamed of themselves.

TB doesn't often lose his cool and go on rants of this length but the question must be asked who is more out of touch? Is it the people behind
? Have they got their contact lists mixed up with the top 100 window-lickers in the country? Can they really be polling so called Westminster insiders? TB is inclined to believe that yes they are polling the insiders but that opens up a far more scary prospect and adds weight to the argument that politicians and journalists in this country are seriously out of touch. It seems that outside of the Westminster village bubble politicians and their actions receive a very different reaction to that felt by the those apparently in-the-know. It's not
that has failed tonight but the insiders.

is an interesting project and TB will be intrigued to see how the next year pans out for the site. He has however tonight lost a huge amount of faith in the people that this nation puts their trust in to represent them, and the journalists we pay to keep an eye on it all.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Dancing Queen...

It's being
tonight that Peter Mandelson will be making a surprise guest appearance on tomorrow night's Strictly Come Dancing final. Tony Blair always said his mission was to make the Labour party love the Dark Lord, but it now seems that Gordon is going one step further in allowing Mandy to attempt to ingratiate himself with the nation. In what will no doubt be a cringe worthy performance, TB is glad that one of the highest figures in this government, and essentially the deputy PM is 100% focused on the issues of the day.

So much for Gordon's promise of ending the era of celebrity.

Follow the money...

Mark Felt 1913-2008

Farewell then to
Deep Throat
who has died aged 95.
Mark Felt
, former number two at the FBI, revealed as the Watergate leaker in 2005 will go down in history as every investigatory journalists dream source.

When two tribes go to war...

The Mail
has today picked up on Dolly Drapers war with the right wing blogs and TB is rather chuffed with his mention...

Bye bye bendy bus...

Boris has today unveiled the new look Routemasters set to hit the streets in 2011:

Pretty damn cool in TB's opinion...

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Spot the difference...

Jonathan Isaby is on form over at

Adrian misbehaving again...

Guido is

reporting tonight
that the left of centre great and good are coming together tomorrow for a meeting with Derek Draper at Labour HQ to hear the pitch, again, on how the left can catch up with the right online and have a pitched interwebby battle at the next election.

A few months ago Tory Bear and
uncovered that the former Labour hack and now
employee Adrian McMenamin was the author behind a right wing hate blog and (both subsequently removed.) TB understands that he was given a hell of a bollocking from his bosses at the CBI for his behaviour while working for a supposidly political neutral organisation. Well it didn't take long for him to slip into his old ways again. Having nearly been fired last time round Adrian is still apparently planning on attending tomorrow's meeting and taking an active role in attempting to give the Tories a good kicking.

TB wonders what his boss at the CBI will have to say about this?

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sock and Awe...

Check out
the game that has appeared where you get to throw shoes at Bush!


Spam of the day...

Seems to be the
done thing
today so Tory Bear thought he would share possibly the most ridiculous email he has received in quite a while. The fact it was sent at 3am adds to the fantastic tin foil hat aspects of this message:

Dear Future Conservative,
Unless the Labour Government opens the floodgates
to unlimited immigration, and then passes a bill giving
the vote to everybody, immigrants, legal and illegal, criminals
etc., future Labour Governments and the Labour Party will
be finished. Finished by inexplicable policies: data retentation,
id cards, surveillance, false flag operations, 42 days detention,
immigration, RIPA, and the whole new police state apparatus etc.
The reason for these inexplicable policies is that Labour is con-
trolled by a small but very but a very powerful entity, whose is
wealth is in the Trillions. Their aim, like other powerful entities
through the Millennia, to form a one World government with an
intermediate step of three World governments: The EU, The
Western Hemisphere and the Pacific Rim.
After the next general election David Cameron will be the Prime
Minister. However Cameron has launched no major attack on
Labour's inexplicable policies, just on minor ones.....
despite the fact that Cameron has shown himself to be boor in
his attack on Gordon Brown ("Will you look me in the
eye....") and thus would be willing to energetically attack all the
inexplicable Labour policies. But he has not. The reason is that
he is not allowed to by the above mentioned Entity, which also
controls the Conservative party as well as the media and other
important organisations. So it is almost certain that Cameron
will carry on the same inexplicable policies that Labour has pla-
nned. We can expect the demise of the Labour Party and the
Conservative Party too, destroyed by the controlling entity. It
seems dreadful waste of two parties, but then they both will be
moot as they will be replaced by the carefully prepared police
state so that we can prevented from rebelling against the new
totalitarian state.
It is suggested that the answer to what should be done would
be the formation of a shadow parliament. It is further sugg-
ested that the Conservatives in the shadow parliament be chosen
by, and represent, ordinary Conservatives such as small to med-
ium businessmen, professionals, farmers etc. There is quite a
division between the Establishment and small to medium busi-
nesses. For example, the strength of the Pound, interest rat-
es, regulations etc. The reformed parties that would belong to
shadow parliament could be formed in the following way: form
new political associations, once formed, the associations should
advertise for applicants for the postions of MP, then use rigor-
ous tests, including, most importantly, psychological evaluation.
then the associations will get an MP who is honest, capable and
loyal to his constituents. The shadow parliament could 1) ad-
vise the present Parliament 2) pressure or lobby the present
parliament 3) replace the present Parliament in case of social
or political disntegration of the United Kingdom. 4) provide
candidates for the next Parliamentary election. for more inform-
ation, see: , art. no. 1.
Damian Green MP was arrested, and his arrest turned to a major
embarrasment to the Labour Government. Knowledge of the
controlling entity suggests that the Labour leaders knew before
hand about the embarrasment, did caused the arrest to diminish
the sovereignty of Parliament.
Here is an organisation to frighten the wits out of you: Common
Brian Gerrish is conducting a heroic campaign
to expose Common Purpose
If you are interested in details of the controlling entity, see article
no. 21 in the above website.
Comments, criticism welcome, questions answered.
John A. Newell


This is even funnier than the copyright infringement threat TB just got from Lily's friends, what are you going to do sue me?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gordo reading too many comics?

It has come to Tory Bear's attention that Gordon might have taken a lighthearted comic book a little too seriously. Back in June it seems that

The Sun reported
that Gordo had been included in an addition of 
Captain Britain
, a comic book. 
Apparently Gordon saves the world in this particular story and TB can only presume that GB must keep a copy by his bed and has let it all go to his delusional head, culminating in last week's outburst.
Why else would anyone go around declaring they saved the world?
Thanks must got to the closet tory who emailed TB with the link.

The future's bright...

London Liberal Youth
had their launch party last week at the Lib Dem HQ in Cowley St with Nick Clegg popping in for a chat. Charles Kennedy was clearly in attendance as the mulled wine ran out before
anyone else got any
. Tory Bear was checking out the new London Yoof site and although lots of people take the piss out of the Lib Dems for being useless anyway, they hardly help their cause:
Might want to get a spell check guys.

Bye bye Bush...

Good to see that the leader of the free world isn't wasting the his last few days in power making stupid videos about dogs...

Oh wait:

Who the hell is Barney?

How to wind up lefties...

If you thought a couple of feminists throwing their toys out of the pram over the "Life's better under a conservative" poster campaign by YBF was funny, then check out what happened when an Italian student group stormed to victory with some seriously saucy posters...

The left are going crazy but hey it seems

sex sells

Monday, 15 December 2008

Putting the social into socialism...

Get your tickets

February looking more and more likely...

There is no way the Brown, no wait, Mandelson would let speculation around an early election cripple the Labour government once again unless they were serious this time...
Iain Dale
is reporting tonight that the advertising agency
has been instructed by Labour to book out advertising space and hoardings for late Jan/early Feb. Labour wouldn't let this speculation build up again and the economic turmoil will take a significant downturn in the first quarter of next year. Tory Bear has a bad feeling this isn't a false alarm... February... really? Bastard timing but then what do you expect from this lot.

Which begs the question Thursday the 5th, 12th, 19th or the 26th?
Time to dig in it seems, we will be ready and it's time to finally kick these bastards out.

Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government...

If only it was this quick...

The BBC really need to let their news videos be embedded like Sky do. However this video is well worth a


A welcome distraction from revision hell.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Monday morning exclusive:

TB has often pondered the question why is it that both
Labour Students
Lib Dem Yoof
all have full time, paid sabbatical officers to run their student operations yet CF doesn't.
Despite this CF are leagues ahead of the utterly dreadful Lib Dem website which looks like an eight year old kid on acid has gone to town on wordpress. Given the fact that Labour Students have a paid staff you would have thought someone would have reminded the Chairman/person Sarah Mullholland to update the blog, it's been nearly six months now.

Well word has reached Tory Bear tonight that all this might be about the change. Although details are sketchy TB understands that the wheels are in motion to see Richard Jackson - currently on the CF exectutive for communications and part time CCHQ press officer, take over the running of CF on a day to day basis from CCHQ. The heavily reported cuts at central office last week hit the external relations team particularly hard but Michael Lunn will be quote "redistributed" rather than replaced by Jackson. TB is waiting to hear this confirmed from the man himself but his sources are claiming Jackson could be in place by February. This would of course be a move that TB would welcome. Richard has done fantastic work in overhauling the communication structures in the organisation and has single handily redesigned the new website ready to go live any day now...

One of the weaknesses of CF is the lack of support from CCHQ and fingers crossed this move will give it a much need kick start.

Who throws a shoe?

So it seems President Bush was

attacked with shoes
at a press conference in Iraq... surely it wasn't just TB that thought of this:

TB's cabinet...

TB has just spent an amusing ten minutes checking out

Fantasy Parliament
. Easy now Tory boys, it's not what you think, it does however let you build your ultimate cabinet and see how they get on through a points system reflecting real parliamentry activities. 

Well Tory Bear decided to give it a whirl: 

Prime Minister

David Cameron (Con)

Deputy Prime Minister

Michael Howard (Con)

Chancellor of the Exchequer

William Hague (Con)

Foreign Secretary

Liam Fox (Con)

Work & Pensions Secretary

Frank Field (Lab)

Enviroment, Food & Rural Affairs Secretary

John Gummer (Con)

Defence Secretary

Douglas Carswell (Con)

Leader of the House of Commons

Theresa May (Con)

Health Secretary

Greg Clark (Con)

Culture, Media & Sport Secretary

Jeremy Hunt (Con)

Chief Whip

Patrick McLoughlin (Con)

Home Secretary

David Davis (Con)

Minister without Portfolio & Party Chair

George Osborne (Con)

Lord Chancellor

Patrick Cormack (Con)

Minister for Children, Schools and Families

Michael Gove (Con)

International Development Secretary

Justine Greening (Con)

Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)

Kenneth Clarke (Con)

Innovation, Universities and Skills Secretary

David Davies (Con)

Minister of Communities & Local Goverment

Eric Pickles (Con)

Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Vincent Cable (LDem)

Attorney General

Dominic Grieve (Con)

Minister for Europe in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Chris Grayling (Con)

What do you think?

Wire-tapping doesn't lie...

Further to the post yesterday about Rahm Emanuel and the Obama Senate seat scandal, it has

emerged today
that the FBI have Emanuel on tape discussing who should be appointed.

Could the fact that Emanuel has yet to resign his seat in the House of Representatives be because he is not sure he is going to make it to January as Obama's gatekeeper?

New T-Shirt...

Following the success of the Free Damian Green t-shirts, that according to the Daily Express were seen being sported by researchers around the Parliamentry estate, TB has a new design up for grabs...

Check it out

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Do as they say not as they do...

Seems Home Information Packs are for the masses but not for the government.

Won't make the same awful pun the

Telegraph did

Will Rahm survive?

The story of Chigago's Governor attempting to sell Obama's former Senate seat is getting

murkier and murkier
by the day and it now seems Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has some serious questions to answer. He has spent the last week
dodging the press
to avoid the inevitable question being asked of whether he had any contact with the Illinois Governor or any of his staff about the appointment. 
In an scandal worthy of the West Wing, the Chief of Staff looks to be on very thin ice and could well be forced out before Obama has even taken office. Such a sleazy scandal is a far cry from the message of trust and change that Obama put forward in his campaign and makes you wonder what else the Chigago political mafia have done for their golden boy. Emanuel is famous for being one of the nastiest most vicious little bastards in Washington and to him crash down in such spectacular style would bring a smile to many faces.
Most notably Emanuel has refused to answer whether he has been questioned by the FBI around this matter. If he hasn't yet or wasn't expecting to be, then he would have simply answered no.
Change we can believe in.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Superman and Flash Gordon

It seems to be a week of superheroes. Firstly we had Gordon saving the world, and now it seems that Obama's take over of the world is complete. The Miami art scene has officially crowned Obama Superman according to the

A warning shot...

Over the last 72 hours Tory Bear hasn't been giving this blog his full attention as he has been locked in the library preparing for exams next week. He sadly hasn't had the time to report on the many Christmas parties he has been missing out on, though

London Spin
captured the majority view of the CF party it seems. However has been somewhat taken aback by the emails he has been receiving in this time.
There seems to be a concerted effort afoot to spread some pretty nasty things about certain members of the Conservative Future executive and the chairman Michael Rock. It's always the same, an anonymous google account or untraceable hush mail, used to send a vicious bit of gossip, rumour, slander, or just ridiculous conspiracy theories. Now TB has his fair share of crackpots emailing him like all bloggers do, but the connections and developments in these emails, and the lowest level mud slinging, has led him to believe they are coming from the same camp.
Let me just remind you all of one of the key reasons that this blog came about. TB was sick of the backstabbing and faux House of Cards attitude many activists had and wanted to blow the lid on that sort of behaviour, while injecting a well needed dose of humour. This blog is not a platform for anyone to spread lies on, do you not think TB would check these stories out? TB did check these stories out and they point back to someone's very grubby fingerprints, so this is your warning shot...
Back off, pipe down, grow up or you and your petty political games  get two barrels of TB exposure and it won't be pretty.

Exclusive: The Blue Revolution

TB has just received a very slick press release from London Conservative Future. Clare Hilley has called for London members to launch a blue revolution in the capital. The news comes as Miss Hilley, 24, was appointed regional coordinator for London with responsibility for encouraging activists, coordinating campaigns and attracting new members.  

“With the new structure in place it’s time for all London based activists to pull together and help deliver first class campaigning in 2009,” said Hilley at the Conservative Future Christmas Party in London.  
“Already this year we have had the stunning victory of the mayoral election campaign that was driven by Conservative Future activists. It’s now up to us to work together to show the party and the wider country that Conservative Future is a professional national campaign machine and a force to be reckoned with.” London based Conservative Future activists have already played a critical role in supporting candidates across the capital. Clare Hilley has already managed over 15 individual campaign days in 2008 in her role as chairman of the London South region. “I hope to build upon the success we have had in the London South area this year,” she added. Commenting on the news, seasoned campaign activist and newly appointed London deputy Peter Smallwood said “Clare has the energy, experience and commitment to make London a huge success and I look forward to working with her to set the benchmark for campaigning in London.” 

Wow that story just wrote itself!

UPDATE 17.10: Check out the slick new video released onto facebook earlier this afternoon: 

Tory 2.0

The official party
is today offering a ringtone of the moment that Gordon claimed to have saved the world. It's good to see the tories, once again, leading the way with online/modern methods. Granted phones have been able to do this for years but haven't seen anything like this out of any of the other parties.

Check it out here
or t
ext "1346924" to +447797806195 to get "Gordon Brown "saves the world"" 

TB would be interested to see how popular this ends up being.

Credit where credit is due...

Now Tory Bear can't help feel that

Cllr Iain Lindley
 has always been somewhat cold to all things TB but he deserves a massive congratulations for his work in defeating the Manchester Congestion Charge referendum. Mancurians in their droves turned out yesterday to give Labour the metaphorical finger, and rightly so. In Cllr Lindley's area of Salford a whopping
84% of the voters
rejected the motion and turn out was 57% - impressive for a local government referendum. 
Well done not just to Iain for helping to get that vote out, but for the people of Manchester for sticking it to Labour.

Liberal Idiocy.

Thank you to the person who highlighted this

absurd post
on Liberal Conspiracy by Sunny Hundal. Apparently we should be dancing and rejoicing in the streets at the falling pound.  Tory Bear has often thought Mr Hundal to be a somewhat deluded chap and here is the evidence. Apparently "Anyone with half an economic brain can tell you that a sinking currency during a recession is a good thing because it makes our exports cheaper. Inflation isn’t a worry right now, deflation is. So a falling pound should be celebrated, not used as an economic football when you have nothing intelligent to say, Osborne."
Maybe Mr Hundal should take a moment out of his no doubt busy schedule to pay a visit, or even pick up the phone to one of the thousands of British companies that rely on imports before declaring the nation should be dancing. Maybe this obnoxious opinion would be some what altered by a moments thought for the managers and workers of those companies and how they are feeling knowing they could be out of a job by Christmas.  
Mr Hundal's comment is either deluded at best of damn right cold and callous at worst.